95% of what you see in this September announcement trailer.

WSV3 Core (formerly called "WSV3 Basic") doesn't contain the earth-shattering NEXRAD Level 2 and LiveScan system of our professional edition product, but the bells-and-whistles of the former are unnecessary for the thousands of American home users who need to monitor severe threats to keep their families safe. WSV3 Core, with its extremely low one-time pricing, is the answer.

From the Value Story page:

"WSV3 Core contains the "Basic Timeline Layers" tab data products - which made up 95% of the September announcement trailer that took social media by storm. Included are animated loop/real-time National Radar (with precipitation typing), international METAR observation display, GOES satellite products for over four different areas, NWS Severe Watch and Warning outlines (with fully customizable appearance), Fronts/Pressure centers, and the following surface analysis products: MSLP Contours, 10m Wind Vectors, High-resolution surface temperature, and High-resolution surface dewpoint. WSV3 Core will also retain the 3D globe display available in WSV3 Professional."

Update:NEXRAD Level 3 data is also being included in WSV3 Core - a massive upgrade for existing clients.