1. You must download/install the software and ensure it works on your Windows PC to your satisfaction before purchasing. There are no "returns" or refunds whatsoever. If you purchase a subscription, you may later cancel it at any time using the management link emailed upon purchase.    

2.  Your PC must meet the system requirements.   Anti-virus/firewall programs are strongly discouraged and have been known to interfere erroneously with WSV3. VM/Hypervisor note (Oct. 2022): To use WSV3, you must agree to have the technical skill to disable Hypervisor/BIOS-level virtualization features on your PC if necessary, which are becoming increasingly common (Win11 PCs especially). The simple 3-step instructions to do this are here. We know you want an instant, automatic, free 14-day trial of WSV3 without having to manually email us or enter a credit card for temporary authorization. It is not possible to allow this securely without forbidding VM usage, or else people could spin-up infinite VMs and run the free trial indefinitely, ending WSV3 as a business forever. In the future, WyDay LimeLM (our security/licensing system) will have more options for us which could include the possibility of using a VM (this will likely require a credit card authentication for a free trial). For now, you must agree it is your responsibility to provide/configure a non-VM Windows 10 or 11 PC environment according to the WyDay.com FAQ article linked-to above.     
3. Follow the installation instructions below.

Notice (2021): We've released massive free updates (particularly V5.1+ onwards) adding a tremendous amount of privately hosted, quality data and major architectural improvements. Read about new features in forum release notes posts. WSV3 now uses privately hosted data sources at no additional cost on many key layers to deliver the best experience

V5.9 Full Installer:
WSV3 Professional V5.9 32-bit (7/18/2022, Windham, NH, USA)

User guide:
WSV3 User Guide (last updated for V5.8)

Important notices:

1) You must have a modern physical Windows PC with a decent internet connection and no anti-virus. VMs are not currently supported. WSV3 is exclusively Windows software. 4k monitors are discouraged; make sure the Windows text scaling settings are not set past 100% or else WSV3's user interface may appear corrupted.

2) Windows 10 recommended with "Graphics settings" set to "High performace" for WSV3. Some users have reported that Windows 10 default power settings intentionally slow and stall WSV3, leading to decreased performance. Go to "Graphics settings" in Start Menu and add WSV3 as a "High performance" application.

3) Please do not send any issue reports until you have first verified that there are no anti-virus/firewall programs installed. They frequently ruin/obstruct innocent programs like WSV3 and have caused many false reports.

4) You must not purchase a WSV3 Professional monthly or yearly subscription until you have thoroughly evaluated the 14-day free trial on your target hardware and decided you like the product. Once you initiate a monthy or yearly subscription, you can cancel it at any time using the FastSpring subscription management link emailed to you upon purchase. It is your responsibility to maintain the setting of this subcription, whether to cancel before next cycle or keep auto-renew on.

-Broadcast/commercial usage: contact us.