1. You must download/install the software and ensure it works on your PC before purchasing. There are no "returns" or refunds whatsoever.

2. WSV3 V4.0 requires a DirectX11 compatibile GPU.
If you don't have this, your PC is unreasonably old for anyone expecting to run a graphics application like WSV3.

3. Follow the installation instructions below.

Notice (4/2018): We've released a next-generation version (V4.0) of next-generation WSV3. We've packed-in over a year of incredible improvements in a free update.

There are now two installers. Run the Base Installer once (first time installing V4.0). Then, run the Update Installer to finish installation.

To receive future updates, just download and run the Update Installer (smaller and more efficient).

Important rules:

1) WSV3 needs full internet access and anti-virus/firewall programs are strongly discouraged (use at your own risk).

2) Please do not send any issue reports until you have first verified that there are no anti-virus/firewall programs installed. They frequently ruin/obstruct innocent programs like WSV3.

3) If WSV3 launches with a blank gray window (graphics failed to load), please do not email us wrongly claiming there's an issue when in fact you do not have a DirectX11 supporting GPU.
Just because dxdiag says you have DirectX11 installed (software libraries) doesn't mean your GPU supports it (native hardware support). Here's a small DirectX11 test application. If you don't see a spinning WSV3 logo after unzipping and running, your PC is way too old.

4) Please don't complaint that WSV3 V4.0's improved, rewritten graphics engine requires DirectX11 given the very low percentage of consumer PCs that still don't support DX11 (only about 4% of PCs per March 2018 Steam survey).

Other notes:

-The new V4.0 installer installs to a new Program Files directory. This means it won't overwrite V3.7 and you'll need to copy any custom/edited color palettes into the palettes directory in the new V4.0 program path.

-If you are an existing license holder who purchased a lifetime license before the switch to subscription-only, your lifetime license will be honored, and you have full access to V4.0 free of charge (migrate your license here). If you had more than one V3.7 license however, you are not entitled to the same amount of V4.0 concurrent licenses. In V4.0, because of the new instant-PC-transfer option (Menu->Deactivate), you can use 1 license on any number of PCs, just not concurrently. We can't pass out free extra V4.0 concurrent licenses currently valued at $240/year for obvious reasons (this system would be highly abusable). Such would not be at all necessary to begin with, due to the new automated, instant transfer-to-different-PC system which our users asked for throughout the years. If you have multiple V3.7 licenses and have a special use case, email us.

-Broadcast/commercial usage: contact us.