WSV3 Version 3.7

News and updates about WSV3 next-generation PC weather tracking software.
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WSV3 Version 3.7

Postby Paul » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:58 pm

*1. Addition of performance-optimized, extensively customizable font/text rendering engine
**Extensive graphical options for text size, font weight/type, outer glow/shadow, outer effect flash, stroke width/color, text gradient, kerning, background box + gradient, etc
**City labels, map timestamp, storm-tracking boxes + standard rollover data box usage of new font engine
*2. Addition of heavily requested point-click Probe markers tool (left click to reset)
*3. Addition in Miscellaneous tab of options to convert radar velocity Probe value to MPH and use descriptive direction text
**Fixed "RF" probe value
*4. Text annotation tool (under main menu)
*5. CPU/performance optimizations in city labeling algorithm and new font usage

WSV3 Professional V3.7:
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