A selection of quotes from happy WSV3 users:

"Awesome! Great work! This kills GRearth!
... I have checked out many weather software packages. WSV3Pro is BY FAR the best I have come across. Done looking I have found the best! Also, to top off great software, fantastic, knowledgeable, and almost immediate support. If you are a weather professional or a weather nerd like myself, GET THIS SOFTWARE!!!” -Gene W., 5/25/16

"I have used the GR products in the past, including GREarth. WSV3 is FAR MORE superior than the GR products ever will be. I love how you can customize WSV3, and how it gives me the feel of the WSI/Weather Central products from news stations! I am able to personalize WSV3 and even have open up 2 windows (I wish more could be open), and can FTP data to my website! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LIVE SWEEP! The data comes in MUCH FASTER [in] WSV3. The detail of the radar data is so crisp and in depth.
Support wise.... Paul is a very caring person who will assist you with anything that you need for the software! He's been there right by my side to assist with questions that I have...
If you are deciding whether to get WSV3 or GR... SCRATCH GR.. PURCHASE WSV3 PRO NOW!!!! I PROMISE YOU you will NOT regret your purchase! I am thankful to GOD for a wonderful software that allows me to keep my eye on the skies! Attatched, is a picture to allow you to see my setup, and just a few customization that I have done to WSV3!

Choose WSV3 TODAY!!!!
Mike F
Dayton, Ohio” -Mike F., 12/1/16 (Mike's setup: 1 2)


The good news is that you are dedicated to your cause and have shown professionalism in your responses to others as well as myself. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS.
Your product is what other products strive for, AWESOME.
And your support is “Lightning” fast. :)"
-JP, 12/9/16

“Thank you, this is fantastic. Way to go the extra mile, you beat GR on this huge! Your hard work is showing, definitely. The major party-crasher bugs have all been fixed on my end and it's now a very stable and enjoyable program, and the price point is fantastic. Thanks again!” –Dustin L., 4/30/16

"Five Star Software!
After making the switch from GRE to WSV3, I knew there was no going back. Rich in features, customization, and fantastic visuals...WSV3 simply blows the other competition out of the water! As the program has progressed, each update has provided numerous additions and improvements- showing Paul's dedication to his product. Each day, I seem to learn something new within WSV3. And if unsure about anything, Paul is always available to answer any questions or provide guidance. Top notch software along with extremely responsive customer service...that's tough to find these days! I highly recommend this software to anyone hesitant to make the switch, and look forward to the future of WSV3...it's certainly promising!” -Jackson H., 8/13/16

“Holy crap! LiveComposite is seriously like having a live radar. That's completely insane! … I have used virtually every PC-based weather program since the early '90s. At one point, I was paying $250/mo. for Baron Threat Net Plus with live sweep. It took special written authorization from the TV station. WSV3 makes that look like a cruel joke.” –Kirk P., 5/3/16

“You have really sealed the fact your product surpasses GRLEVEL. I no longer run it. I have no need. The only thing I'd need a subscription for is lightning and, while it's part of every thunderstorm at some point, I've never really felt like lightning was a big thing. I love that you followed my idea on timing of storms. The tracking is great. … This is by far the best product on the market. “ Daniel, 3/7/16 (Video review here - thanks Daniel!)

“I actually love your product. I work with my local ARES chapter and EOC. I am the backup “weather guy” during emergencies. So I’m always looking for things to help me provide better intel quickly. What I like so much about what you’ve done is the way you’ve compiled so many different products in one place. I’m familiar with everything, but usually I have to use several different programs to get the full picture, and you offer a one stop shop.” –John C., 4/22/16

Thread title: "Once Again WSV3 Performs Impeccably"
“I just have to express how amazing WSV3 has been through tonight's storms, specifically on this Tulsa storm. Level 2 Scans and warnings are coming in consistently before other competitors and even the TV networks. Loving the wind shear products too!” –Forum user (post link), 3/30/16

"I basically haven't used GrEarth since then. No Subscription money being spent (I was paying per month via AllisonHouse)
With GR2Analyst I went from using it all the time, to now just occasionally. A majority of time spent using WSV3. After beta 3, the reasons to use Gr2Analyst is fast approaching the need for GrEarth. (none in my opinion). ... In just the 4+ months since release it is simply amazing how fast it has grown and improved. I can't image where it will end up!” –Forum user (post link), 4/29/16

"WSV3 yields the highest quality images I've found so far. I tried Gibson, but couldn't get that to work at all. WSV3 is pretty intuitive out of the box and easily customizable! LOVE IT!” -Tammie G., 5/15/16

"WOW !! This update is FANTASTIC. I mean, really, Paul. This is outstanding. Plus... The speeds that L2 data are arriving (Especially knowing that EVERYONE is pounding it hard tonight) is truly awesome. FINALLY getting to REALLY use the internet connection that I pay a ton each month for....” –Forum user (post link), 4/26/16

"As I am watching this come in, it is a game changer for sure with the [LiveComposite]. Watching Wichita KICT and radar updating almost every 30 seconds to a minute watching all the tilts come in. Awesome.” –Forum user (post link), 5/13/16

"This is working perfectly. Thanks Paul! WSV3 is a wonderful program and has so many more features than Gibson Ridge products." -Peter P., 7/21/16

"I purchased WSV3 on launch date. I guess I was taking a big chance on you and WSV3. It WAS kind of a risk, but looking back it was one of the smarter things I have done. ... 97% of the time my GOTO weather program is WSV3
I just wanted to say "thank you for all you do" from a very happy customer ... WSV3 has become a TOTALLY different program than was launched back in December. The improvements are astonishing and I can't wait for v3.5 and beyond. I have felt like I (all of us owners) have been on a wonderful journey with you and anyone who is being honest and realistic KNOWS that you do indeed address issues and work as hard and as fast as you can to bring improvements to your wonderful product.
I guess some might be unhappy with what they may perceive to be a "cocky" advertising strategy (you challenge the GR products, and that gets the "fanboys" riled.), but you have created an outstanding weather visualization program and you deserve to be proud of what you have built.
It's strange that an attack on WSV3 seems like it's an attack on all of us owners and we KNOW the facts. And the fact is that while the GR products are indeed very nice, WSV3 blows them out of the water !! Keep doing what you are doing, and thank you for all the updates. Looking forward to the 3.5 update !!" -Rich D., 10/17/16

"I have been using Paul’s software for over two years and is some of the best I’ve seen not only in terms of capability, but in adding requested features. I know if I send Paul an idea and it doesn’t get incorporated, chances are it can’t be done (which is rare). The functionality and versatility of his software are reasons why I use it daily.” –David M., Meteorologist, 5/18/16

"Hi Paul,
I continue to be amazed by what you all are adding to your software.
I thank you and all involved for continuing to innovate and to further surpass all capabilities featured in other software packages.
I appreciate you adding in the radar elevation readout in the distance measure tool and the new manual storm tracking along with the LiveComposte are huge advancements.
Keep up the outstanding work and thank you for developing this great software.

An extremely satisfied customer, Jason H.", 5/25/16

"Hello Paul! First, I just want to say how happy I am with WSV3! I enjoy using it!
... I also would like to compliment WSV for having faster updates on warning polygons than the competition. When the storms rolled through Ohio last week, and we were on Facebook Live, to see the polygons pop up as the alerts were issued were amazing! Thanks!” –Nick D., 6/26/16

"You have an incredible product, best I have seen hands down. The program in the past has been instrumental in keeping the people in our community safe and informed about approaching storms and snow (we get a lot of it here in Michigan being near the lake).
Thanks again for the quick response and for helping me out. You have designed an wonderful product that has to be saving lives all over the country. Thank you for what you do.” –Tony G., 12/12/17

Thread title: "Wonderful Product!"
"I have said it before and I will say it again, best radar software out there. Chased tornado warned storms on the Alabama/Tennessee State line and the radar was right on point. In the past with other radar products I have been on a chase and felt uneasy wondering if the software would lag, quit or not be on time and with WSV3 I felt very comfortable knowing I had the most timely info and much of the time last night I was ahead of the meteorologist. Great work to all that has developed this product and cannot wait for the future of what this product will do. One happy chaser here!” –Forum user (post link), 4/1/16

To the authors above: thank you!