Notice (4/2018): The subscription option is not currently available. We're redoing our license engine and soon WSV3 will be sold as a subscription only. In the meantime, the old, clunky subscription option below is not available.The following is retained solely for reference purposes:

The steps to setting up a subscription are as follows:
1) Read important info about the subscription below.
2) Enter payment information here.
3) Send an email to indicating the IP address of your computer (easily found here).

We will then respond promptly with a quick setup download.

The $190 per year subscription option for WSV3 Professional is now available. It requires manual setup by contacting (we will respond quickly). The subscription option mandates that a pre-set IP address be configured (which can be migrated) and that the program check with our servers for validation upon every launch.

Unlike purchasing a life-time license at WSV3's regular one-time price, subscription holders never finish paying for the product. There are no discounts for upgrading to the lifetime WSV3 license.

The subscription option is an unwise choice compared to actually purchasing the product 1) for users who do not have the computer literacy to place a small "SUBSCRIPTION.DAT" file into the WSV3 program directory, 2) for users whose IP address frequently changes, or 3) for users who plan to use WSV3 for 2 years or more.