WSV3 Version 5.7

News and updates about WSV3 next-generation PC weather tracking software.
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WSV3 Version 5.7

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*New proprietary WSV3 traditional/polling severe warnings server based on XMPP feed into National Weather Wire Service (NWWS)
--AWS S3 hosted (eliminates all capacity issues and results in zero increased WSV3 back-end server load during events of high program usage)
--Default warnings history source no longer dependent on HTTP access NOAA TGFTP server, which one at least one occasion showed connection problems and lacks SQW products
--New default proprietary server based on the high-reliability NWWS feed already in use for the separately-implemented instant "PUSH" warnings server
*New user-friendly user settings interface (new "Data" in Warnings Control pop-up) for control of NWS severe polygon warnings redundant data source + text field for usage of custom source URL. Includes rollover hint description of options as follows:

Proprietary WSV3 server (NWWS/XMPP-based, AWS S3 hosted) (New default)
Use high-speed, cloud-managed private WSV3 warnings data source based off XMPP integration into National Weather Wire Service (NWWS) data feed, the same as used for the instant-Push server. Higher reliability than use of NWS TGFTP text product server. Includes all warning types (including SQW and SWS).

Proprietary WSV3 server (NOAA TGFTP server/HTTP-based, AWS S3 hosted) (Old default from V5.5, lacks SQWs and uses less reliable NWS internet source server than NWWS)
Use cloud-managed private WSV3 warnings data source based off HTTP requests to the NWS TGFTP text product server. This NWS server omits SQW warnings. Use as backup to NWWS source. Refreshes more slowly than NWWS.

Custom severe warnings server:
Use a custom warnings server. These conventionally omit SWS text products. Must be a valid HTTP/HTTPS link to a directory where conventional "warnings_yyyymmdd_hh.txt" files are amalgamated, messages separated by ASCII SOH + ETX characters. Use as last-ditch tertiary backup.

*Fixed minor bug on non-retention of instant-PUSH-new-warning-notification-text display setting changes.

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