Partial listing of new features/fixes/additions in incredible V4.0 update, free for all existing WSV3 Professional customers, in development since January 2017:

1) Rewritten, highly-optimized DirectX11 rendering engine with reduced CPU usage and optimized GPU programming techniques

2) Broadcast-grade, rewritten, quad-tree-tiled, high-performance vector rendering engine for stunning line/polygon graphics with near-zero CPU usage after initial tile computation

-Usage of DirectX11 geometry shaders and industrial vector-tiling algorithm enables TV grade vector mapping graphics on low-end consumer hardware

-Extensive line visual customization styles including shadow, multiple stroke passes, bevel, glow, fade + animated color/width/flash effects + additive blending

-Extensive polygon visual customization styles inlcuding animated patters, color/texture overlay, time transition animated effects, and additive/alpha blending

-Full integration of new vector engine into program layers

3) Rewritten GIS vector mapping engine based off new vector rendering engine; automated TIGER/Line 2016 road data importation with global road level styles and interstate/highway/route sign labeling engine

-Seamless rendering of vector data across full screen with very low CPU overhead, as opposed to static square-area-culled CPU-intensive old system which required still camera to recompute ugly, CPU intensive GIS layers

-Full importation and custom styling of ESRI shapefiles with hardware-acclerated GPU vector rendering

4) Unique warning-based cell/line object visualization and tracking object display

-Click on tracking object cell or path to extrapolate forecast cone/extrusion + city ETA list

-Click-based warning info text with customizable Impact field display

-Customizable 3D map labels displaying Impact fields

5) Brand-new, rewritten Model Data system, integrating the non-GRIB-file-viewing "practical" capabilities of AtmoGraph (AtmoGraph should be considered only a GRIB file viewer)

-Addition of highly-demanded animated/forecast loop model data timeline

-New models and unlimited products added with customizable model index editor

-High-speed frame selector or animated loop builder + 3 rendering channels

6) Brand new licensing system which permits instantaneous, immediate, and unlimited automatic license transfers with your V4.0 license

7) Addition of highly-demanded "Layer Presets" (preset layer configurations) window + fast switcher/loader of present configurations

8) Rewritten, highly-optimized Placefile display/rendering system in new engine far more CPU efficient than old code

9) More efficient updating with separate Base Installer and Update Installer

10) Countless small improvements and bug fixes

-New "framebuffer effects" visual rendering effect improves look at allows custom user pixel shader development

-Added significant probabilities to Convective Outlooks in separate layer (integrated layer next step)

-Fixed severe watch text source

-Updated video capture libraries