The new standard in real-time PC weather software.

The culmination of 10 years of experience in developing high-performance PC weather software, listening to our clients' innovative ideas for improvement, and striving to be the best there is: WSV3 - the ultimate Swiss army knife of live weather tracking/monitoring information, set to shockwave through all its target industries - from TV broadcasting, emergency management, and storm-chasing to personal safety, insurance, utility management, construction safety, DOT operations and more.

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Modern Product for Modern Hardware

WSV3's dynamic 3D GIS mapping system is one of only a few in the world to ingest and style ESRI Shapefile data at the user's configuration and display it with hardware-accelerated, fluid graphics - delivering precise weather graphics animations on consumer graphics hardware. Built-in street level mapping, road sign labeling, and standard GIS layers give users and viewers a crystal clear sense of weather and geographical space. Old, sluggish WeatherStudio has been blown out of the water.

Lightning-fast Server-backed Data

Many WSV3 data layers are backed by our new high performance cloud-based optimization server system. The program would still work on its own even if all our servers went out, they're just there to make sure that 30 second national radar loop loads in 3. You'll be shocked by the speed.

Quality Engineered for High-Performance

WSV3 employs a single, unified timeline system that links together, synchronizes, and smoothly animates all loaded data layers. No more confusing management of loading/freeing different loop layers and trying to keep them all synchronized. Our state-of-the-art graphics technology can display 10 times as much vector and raster data as WeatherStudio - faster. A multi-resolution, multi-threaded tiled raster data system joins an industrial-grade vector graphics layer to bring TV broadcast quality graphics to any standard consumer PC.

A Partial Overview of Included Data

Long story short, WSV3 has it all.
We're also taking over the PC radar-software market by including a world-class NEXRAD Level 2/3 radar data viewer.

Native-resolution GOES Satellite data.

With choices between 5 regions, automatic synch linkage into WSV3's unified animated timeline, and lightning-fast pre-cached retrieval from our optimization servers, getting a big picture of the weather through satellite data is a whole lot better and easier than it was in WS.

A killer METAR display engine.

Nine separate parameters from over 8,000+ stations across the globe, fully animated on the main timeline, and with precise visual customization options. WSV3 can also temporally interpolate METAR values real-time in loops - an unprecedented feature.

Full suite of tropical tracking products.

WSV3 takes a huge stride ahead of WeatherStudio's sluggish, old Shapefile based tropical products. As as a raw ATCF data client, WSV3 displays troves of tropical system tracking information in a beautiful, totally redone graphical display.

Real-time, live radar

Our NEXRADPro Level 2 radar system contains the LiveScan™ and LiveComposite™ technologies that display moving, sub-ten-second-delay radar data for time-critical applications. You will find this capability nowhere else.

App Main Features

National Radar Composite. A super-duper, precip-typed one.

While WeatherStudio struggled to load a mere 12 frame, low-resolution national radar loop, WSV3's brand new raster data system enables fluid 40+ frame high-resolution radar composites to load off our cloud-backed servers in seconds, with virtually zero post-processing needed.

Temporal interpolation.

Virtually all of WSV3's data products can use our signature "time interpolation" feature which smoothly animates and displays interstitial frame values on the unified program timeline. Combined with a custom time slider bar, users can adjust map time down to the minute.

Advanced derived products

The NEXRADPro Level 2 radar section of WSV3 boasts an advanced super-resolution 0.5km x 0.5° grid of highly practial derived products such as estimated hail size (MEHS), Wind Shear/Rotation, Echo Tops (ET), thunderstorm gusts, severe hail probabilities (POSH), and more.

Model data, Mesoanalysis data, and way more.

There's nowhere near enough room on this small initial announcement page to document the troves of useful data sources at the user's fingertips in WSV3's clean, redone tab-header interface. Data layers are simple, integrated, and "set-it-and-forget-it".

Nexus 5 Feature
Nexus 5 Feature

Customization. Performance. Killer graphics on usual consumer hardware.

We learned with old WeatherStudio that users need customization options for getting the right look to serve their website, TV station, public info kiosk, or simple personal preferences. Customization options and clear personal/commercial licensing terms allow you to export clean, usable graphics and use them as you wish.

  • HD video capture/still image export system.
  • Placefile and Shapefile data importation.
  • Automatic FTP uploading.


WSV3 contains an earth-shattering NEXRAD Level 2 and 3 data viewer system accessed in the first tab of the new "Header" UI. It's like climbing up a NEXRAD Radar and plugging your laptop into it. Performance wise, it blows away the competitor. The Level 2 stream has always been offered in real-time, but consumer software never caught up to display it in such a way - until WSV3.


Unprecedented NEXRAD Level 2 radar technologies

WSV3's LiveScan™ and patent-pending LiveComposite™ technology deliver seconds-old radar data to serve the most time sensitive and demanding applications. Outside of WSV3, no other product in the world can offer such set-it-and-forget-it, real-time NEXRAD-originated surface reflectivity data using a special technique that saves the same valuable upper-level tilt scan info that gets thrown out by traditional radar displays.

Take the hassle out of license transfers

WSV3 Professional's new 2018 V4.0 release deploys a top-of-the-line activation system which fully automates the process of license transfer to different PCs. No more emailing support for manual approval and waiting. Just hit a deactivate button, and deploy elsewhere in seconds.


Constantly improved and newly overhauled graphics engine released May 2018. Free updates - always.

WSV3 Professional is now available as a yearly subscription or monthly subscription, by popular demand.
We've added far too much value to the product since 2015 to keep the one-time-buy perpetual license option. However, the commitment to unbeatable value stands.